Russell Hobbs 2 in 1 Jug Blender Stainless Steel Review

Russell Hobbs 2 in 1 Jug Blender Stainless Steel image 1Russell Hobbs 2 in 1 Jug Blender Stainless Steel-Mix and puree to perfection. Our neat and trendy Chrome steel Jug Blender that could search wonderful on any worktop. The provided own blender means you are able to make and choose nutritious blends any where you go. What is the just one kitchen gadget which you would not be without having? Our Stainless steel Jug Blender normally takes treatment of much inside the kitchen; you’ll ponder the way you managed without 1. From mixing soups, to pureeing newborn food stuff, the stainless steel blades even make mild function of crushed ice – amazing for amazing cocktails and frozen drinks.

Box Has
1 x Russell Hobbs 23821 Glass Jug Blender
1 x 600ml private blender with lid
1 x Measuring cap on lid
1 x Instruction booklet

It Russell Hobbs 2 in 1 Jug Blender Stainless Steel can be smart-looking with typical kitchen area styling. It can be challenging and effective, getting the work finished with small fuss. The blades usually are not super-sharp, however they perform properly and are much easier to cleanse than sharpened blades. The smoothie cup will make for one particular much less factor to scrub (by blending immediately while in the cup and so, not being forced to transfer the consume from jug to cup). Total, this is the very good addition to the kitchen and enables you to donate the committed AmazonBasics smoothie maker to you daughter as she leaves for College. This is the quite successful blender from the maker which has a superior reputation. It’s got two speeds, as well as a useful pulse functionality. The equipment itself is extremely sensible in silver and black, and irrespective of initial reservations regarding the 1.five litre capability, as well as 600 watt motor, ability is much more than adeqaute, and it performs extremely well. It copes with really hard vegetables, and chunks of ice easily, and also the two speeds mean you could both retain a thicker texture, or a puree consistency.

Pricewise it isn’t the most affordable blender available, but it really is hefty, properly constructed, appears to be like very good, as well as lid locks incredibly securely to stop any mishaps. The look of the jug means it’s simple and swift to scrub, but it is heavy glass, which means you really need to be careful. The Russell Hobbs 2 in 1 Jug Blender Stainless Steel included reward is the 600ml own blender, which will come total with lid. This is essentially just like a massive cup. so you simply location it around the blender foundation, and make your very own concoction to remove. Terrific thought. The Russell Hobbs 23821 2i-n -1 Stainless-steel Jug Blender is actually a highly effective blender with two speeds on it,the persnal blender is good for this of us on the go and it means you could take pleasure in your consume or foods as you are over the way out and can take pleasure in it afterwards.

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  • Choose from two speeds and a pulsing function, for blending just how you like it. The higher speed is great for speedy cooking or a fine blend; the slower speed keeps a coarser texture for longer.
  • The personal blender is just the right size for taking freshly blended food or drink out on the go. Just attach the personal blender to the base, whizz to the desired consistency and pop the lid on.
  • Easy to clean – the 600w blender has 4 tip stainless steel blades that can easily be removed and washed. The sturdy 1.5L glass jug easily unscrews from the stylish, brushed steel body.
  • The rubber non-slip feet keep the blender safely in place. To top it all off, there’s a handy measuring cap in the plastic lid.

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